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Alternative Communities for Reddit on Fediverse

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You probably know about the recent Reddit API changes to charge the uses. It is nothing of surprise really, just business as usual. This has incapacitated third-party clients and moderation tools. Numerous subreddits have closed temporarily to protest this change. Personally, I don’t find this protest to be very meaningful: 1-2 days are not gonna change anything. I believe people who opposed the change will benefit more from running their own communities on free, open platforms, and no, we don’t even have to build from scratch, there are already at least three Reddit-like servers on fediverse: Lemmy, kbin and lotide. Their functionalities may not match one-to-one, but they should be decent enough to work. Migrating to other platforms may not change anything for the API situation either, but the point is that one is no longer have to play Reddit’s game anymore.

In this post, I’ll list some of communities and their counterparts on fediverse. If you know of any that isn’t listed, please let me know.

Subreddits Alternative communities Server
r/Music Lemmy
r/Music lotide
r/Music kbin
r/Vietnam Lemmy
r/books kbin
r/books Lemmy
r/explainlikeimfive kbin
r/food Lemmy
r/food kbin
r/food Lemmy
r/food Lemmy
r/food Lemmy
r/memes Lemmy
r/memes Lemmy
r/piracy Lemmy
r/piracy Lemmy
r/science Lemmy
r/science kbin
r/science Lemmy
r/worldbuilding Lemmy

On a related note, I think these alternative servers would benefit a lot from having great clients as those targeted Reddit. Anyone willing to work on remapping those API endpoints?


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