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Hi, this is xarvos’s little corner on the Wired. More introduction can be seen in the about page.

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Below is my latest post.

Setup nextcloud for local usage

I personally use syncthing to sync my files across devices, and it is enough for me. My parents, however, only have one device and don’t have the technical knowledge to set up the service. So, I am setting up nextcloud on my LAN, hoping it’ll work for them.

This guides is written for my system, which runs Alpine Linux. If you are familiar with Linux, though, you should be able to apply for your system, except for systems that has its own service configuring system, such as NixOS or GNU Guix perhaps.

Install the necessary packages

I am already having postgresql and nginx running on my system, so I’ll use them here as opposed to MariaDB and Apache httpd as recommended in the official doc.

sudo apk add nextcloud nextcloud-pgsql nextcloud-initscript

Configure the stuff

Next, I edit the data directory (where files are stored) to my /data/ partition, since the storage is bigger on there. To do this, I edit the config file …