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So during the last months, I have been dealing with paperwork for my school-credit internship in an external company. It’s work involving… paper. Having to run around asking for signatures from the parties involved is certainly not a fun task, especially in this pandemic. It distracts me from the works I’m supposed to do—not that I don’t have enough distractions.

Last Thursday I received a call because I got one part wrong in the agreement, which frustrated me a lot. This made me regret choosing to have my internship in an external company—my uni also provides unpaid internship for students, which requires less paperwork. I made this decision mainly because of peer and family pressure and financial concerns1—I was not willing to work for someone else for months without compensation2. On the bright side, at least now I know I should avoid complicated paperwork for the sake of my sanity (or at least that’s what I tell myself as consolation).

  1. On that note, it’s not that much, not worth the struggle. And I have not received a single cent, also. ↩︎

  2. To be fair, all these school years is working without compensation. I should have considered it just a course… ↩︎


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