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Consider this my informal portfolio. My projects can be found on GitHub and sourcehut.

For a more formal one, see my CV in web format (printable as PDF).


Things I can offer

  • I mostly work with Python, though I have dabbled with various others.
  • I can write, with decreasing level of confidence:
    • web services or full web apps
    • libraries
    • other kinds of user-space software
  • I get familiar relatively quick with new technology, enough to get small patch done in one or two weeks.
  • I can get quickly familiar with the business logic and can have suggestions on the software usability

Things I would like to see

I would expect a contract granting me healthcare and labour protections and no overtime. Other than that, these are nice things to have:

  • well-documented codebase and installation instruction
  • company hardware
  • fully remote work with occasional hanging out onsite
  • letting me work for slightly less than full-time (e.g. 4 days per week)

Things I’m not interested in

I would likely refuse the offer if it’s about:

  • tracking people for analytics, whether online or offline
  • cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchains…
  • “serverless”, “cloud-native” software (an actually serverless program where alternatives are traditionally server-based, such as SQLite, might interest me)

I also find the following repulsive:

  • regular hour-long meetings
  • contacting me outside working hours
  • JavaScript-heavy, inaccessible front-end
  • network blocking as measures of “security”
  • work that are based on oppression of others
  • work that are based on deception
  • intentionally volatile software


My strongest suit is web development on backend side. I have the most experience in Python, though I have written web servers in Node.js and Go as well. While preferring backend development, I am certain of my basic knowledge in semantic HTML, as well as basic styling.

In web development with Python, I am most familiar with Flask and Django as framework. I have also tried Quart (Flask’s async cousin) and FastAPI for a short while. While being no master, I have written systemd services for some of my software.

While I mostly work in web for its ease of deployment and availability across platforms, I have also experimented in other areas, such as working on a 3D sound processing library.

I dare not say I know git, but it’s my primary version control system. I have also experimented with mercurial and subversion for a short time, but I never managed to work with throwing a tarball around—maybe with an one-time exception when I hacked1 a browser extension with my friends in an afternoon.

I can work in Vietnamese and English.


  • Bachelor: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, 2018-2021


Free software

I support free software by writing it and contribute to some projects within my ability.

I write code:

I package stuff:

I help with localization:


I have worked on webmail during my internship at BizflyCloud. During the job, I have shown my skills with Flask and learned about ElasticSearch.

Since 2021, I have been employed by CMC Global, an outsource company. During my time here, I have been working with Django and AWS. While having no prior experience with these technology, I had quickly familiarize myself with them and became a key member in my team.

  1. jargon: [very common]

    1. n. Originally, a quick job that produces what is needed, but not well.
    2. n. An incredibly good, and perhaps very time-consuming, piece of work that produces exactly what is needed.


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