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Here are some attempts of mine to draw webcomics, or I should say random scribbles :)

Transcript of each comic can be found by appending ’transcript.txt’ to the comic URL.


Writing a DICT (RFC 2229) server

2022 in Review

Against Duolingo as a language learning platform

Bcrypt hashing time

Why I prefer remote work

Ending my short-lived experiment with OpenBSD

Friendship ended with GNU/Linux, OpenBSD is my new best friend

Introducing IPWHL: an alternative Python packaging

Using tools with appropriate ability

2021: End of year sum up

Cars vs Bikes: The space efficiency

How to hide decorative anchor

How NOT to mess with the scroll bar

[Web Horror] Background Image

Facebook censors links to Mastodon


[IPWHL] August update

Contribute to decentralized hosting service

[Update] IPWHL: Maybe the real cheeses are the packages we helped along the way

jq is a powerful JSON processor


App Recommendation: Stylus

[Announcement] This site is moved to

[Sus] Social security app would like to change your system setting

[Sus] What does this Calculator calculate?

[Sus] Oxford wants to know your location!

Designing web for accessibility

I'd just like to interject for a moment

Enough for first name/last name BS

Using openring to add blogs you follow

Moving away from Big Brother(s)

Giving up on WordPress!