In-world background

Hàäsdáïga is a dead language spoken by ancient people in Gaïdaäna. In the day, there was only one language in the continent, shared by people from five peoples: Wood farmers, Fire hunters, Earth monks, Metal smiths and Water seafarers. They embraced the philosophy and that reflected in their languages. They not only used the language to communicate, but also to define a method with which they could control these five natural forces.

Later, as these peoples mixed up, their ability to harness these five natural forces strengthened for some and weakened for the others. Most notably, the Metal and Water people lost almost all of this power, and only a minority could still use it. Science and trade thus became their main strength. On the other hand, Fire and Wood people could control it so well, they no longer needed the language to guide their power. Earth monks were the most pure with this power, but chose to distance themselves from others' affairs. Naturally, the language was divided into five different languages (and two pidgins) and the old way of using natural force was forgotten.

Incidentally, Franzo, the son of Zacero and Jaare, re-invented the way. Born as a child of a Metal mage warrior and a magicless aristocrat in a science-oriented society, he learned to use one heritage to support the other. He tried to reconstruct the ancient language and defined a way to use it to combine his magic ability. Independently, Siza also discovered it by reading old text he was lucky to find

We are interested in the linguistic features of this language as well as its magical structure. In this book we discuss both of them.